Men's Circle

Friday at 5:30pm in Barcelona
@ Parc de la Ciutadella.

Men's Circle Meditation

Men’s Circle: 


Men’s Circle is a heart to heart explorational circle of individuals, such as yourself, in business of shifting our perception of who we are and what we have to share. This is a quantum leap conversation where we dear to address the kind of stuff that are needed to be implemented within ourselves and taking ownership of our imaginary power.

How it All Began

This group was inspired by women who care about the men in their lives and the state of their communities.

I believe that women are tired of hoping for the Patriarchal construct to fully honor the nurturing nature of the Mother.

This is a conversational circle, examining the patriarchy social construct that silents the voices seeking changes in self, family, and within communities structures.

Solutions for nation healing start with finding self, and releasing attachments to limited believe that festered insecurity, self doubt, tribal punishment, and others believes that do not serve the greater good.

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