Finding Joy in Becoming a Conscious Observer, Your life.

The Joy of Observation
Observing in The Moment

I was fascinated as a child watching roosters and hens making their way to bed before night comes around. It was something else observing those flows from the veranda of my family home farm in Jamaica. I would stand there for a long time a watching and mused by the enormous amount of energy they have to exert, to secure a spot on one of the branches on the orange tree in the yard.

These adult domestic chickens were limited to how high they can reach because they really cannot fly. At least, that is how it seems to me. They would instinctively seek positions on branches lowest to the ground.
They seem to jump up to the branches using their wings push down against an invisible anchoring system.
Watching them shuffling and chuckling around for the right liftoff area was a little amusing. Some would try more than once before successfully perched on the spot.
Every now the then, a few of them would have to content in making the ground their bed for the night after several failed attempts.

Why is this I would wonder, feeling the need to go over help, but of course, I never did interfere in the drama.
It seems crazy to me that they have wings but cannot do much with them. I asked myself, why would God design them to be inferior in comparison to other wing creatures?
As the night settles on the farm, the few birds left on the ground settle in by tucking their heads under their wings and went off to sleep. No matter what, the night was destined to fall on them.

What Happens to Us

The above story could be a metaphor of what happens to us as our days come to an end. Whether you have enough energy to secure your peace of mind before nightfall or go to bed with disappointments or worries.
In our phenomenal world, the game of life is a stage full of artists playing whatever role they can imagine. Whether you think you are going up or down or moving forward or backward, the rthymn of life continues to unfold in perfect harmony.
Do you agree that we should stop wanting, let go of all that binds us to our senses and surrender to a good night rest? Do you agree that at every sunrise gives born to new opportunities in your reality?
I believe that we are full of ideas that are begging for expression, but they are always bumping up against conditioned personalities, killing them before they even take root.

How do you honor your desires and intentions for changes?
How do you deal with your chattering that of failures?

Some would say that fate in the unknown is like working on a razor blade. You never know when you are going to get cut. That’s the chance you must take to have command of your mind.
Taking action toward your mission is the key to pore through limited conditions. One step forward gave ease to the next before your thinking mind betrayed you.

Moving Meditation

Moving Meditation that Helps

The daily moving meditation that helps me to take command of my life is the martial of Tai Chi Chuan.        I have been practicing it for over 16 years, and I have only scratch the surface of this ultimate divine art.
It profoundly addresses the internal battles I had to deal with to realize that there are higher grounds beyond my limited perception and that I do have wings to help me reach those higher realms. How I utilize them depend on how I perceive the journey.

The Alert System

There is a safety alert system within everybody claiming authority to protect the physical body. This system is on automatic sensing any changes in our psychic and set to sabotage any potential for a new horizon.
We know that the body is more than flesh, bones, and organs. There is a complex psychological universe within every one of us, running and projecting our view of reality.

The Feeling of Stillness

A simple and profound thought that I keep in mind during my meditation is “Stillness in Motion.” This concept can perceive in many ways. Depends on where I am within myself as it pertained to my moving meditation.
Whether I feel I am shifting my body weight forward or backward, up and down, or in thoughts of doing something, the entire universe within is on the move. I can perceive stillness in mind or feel the physical stillness of my exterior. The fact remains there is always movements within.

Conscious Observer

To find joy in life, I believe that we should take the opportunity to surrender to fate and become a conscious observer. Observe your environment inside out. A simple act of paying attention to as many details as you can observe in your present moment.
What are the lessons been revealed to you in nature through your senses?
You become fascinated like a child when you observed your world without judgment. Keep asking questions about what you see, concerning your self, especially those weird ones that pop up in your mind. You might find that hidden architectural treasure of answers for your golden wings.