How do you celebrate Your Birthday? The dance  of birth.

The birth dance of life starts in the womb. We only recognize this inside dance of life when a mother gave born to a child.

The physic disconnect of this personal inner expression has its root in most societies that count the day of born as the first day and continue to celebrate that day year after year as the first.


The womb of the mother.

Few people in the western world ever make an effort to explore their thoughts about this social ritual of claiming the day of birth as the first day.

I have read of individual nations on the African continent, that celebrates the time of conception as the first day of a child.

It would be hard press for this perception of birth to take root in a society that claims ownership of everything in nature from humans to animal, natural resources and the earth itself.


We can realign ourselves to our true nature by consciously take time to contemplate on who we are. The story of our birth is the right place to start, giving ourselves a chance looked from a different perspective.

For example, instead of seeing a birthday as the day we were born, why not see it as a celebration of life and give honor to the mother for allowing the symbiotic interaction of a new within her womb from conception to her day of delivery. This kind of awareness I believe would open our heart to embrace creativity in a new light truly.

The beauty of this new way of perception could open the door for many to express their love of life in a way that would bring us closer to each other, knowing that humanity has its beginning beyond cultures, race and social construct.

The act of Acknowledgment.

In my twenties, I began to think about my birthday as the day my mother gave birth to my existence, and I redefined the social norm by wishing her happy birthday on that day.

At first, it sounds amusing to my family and me also. Whenever I acknowledge her, she would giggle and say, thank you. In her present, her face would lit up in a radiant smile. Some family members and friends people find it amusing while others pay little attention to it.




My birthday vision.

I got an opportunity to share my vision of my birthday, the way I see it, at a Toastmasters speaking workshop I attended with a friend in New York City. The host of the gathering asked me to come up front and share a few words, a personal story that positively impacted my life. I was taken by surprise because I was only a visitor accompanying my friend for the evenly.

I had no idea that I would be asked to speak, and I had no time to make up a story.  As I was walking past the group of ladies looking at me and smiling from their seats, I smiled back at them, shielding my awkwardness. Then, I recalled the beaming look in my mother’s eyes whenever I wish her happy birthday.

I shared with the group how I celebrate my mother on our special day, how I  have flowers believed to her and sing happy birthday to her over the phone when I am distant away from her.  My explanation so moved them that at the closing of the workshop, the ToastMasters organizing team gave me a certificate of appreciation.

The Observer in the Dance.

Life desire to experience life, design a body and step into its creation, to experience the creative dance of a neverending story through the senses, of the body.

This manifested carriage is design and fashion to be in harmony with the law of nature, carried within its matric the blueprint of the macroscopic creation.

In remembering, life energy becomes the observer in experiencing the cosmic reality of the spiritual, psychological, mental, and physical bodies.

The physical frame of energy.

This electrifying energy can is readily recognizable within the presence of a physical frame, like in an electrical motor or a light filament — the same for the energy, the mind force been objective.  

In the case of human energy source, a carbon body form is necessary.

For example, the principals and movements of this life source are hosts within our bodies. We have many ways and means to feel this energy consciously.

One of my chosen ways to experience my life inwardly is through a martial art form of Tai Chi Chuan known as the Yank Classical Family Style. After many years of practicing this art, I began to feel my energy.

I can say that the critical thoughts and specific martial action continue to strip away little by little the stores that no longer serve my higher self.

The practitioner practice.

Within the practice of Tai Chi, for example, a  practitioner focus on attentiveness, and relaxation. It is no easy task while learning the particular movements between yin to yang energy expression, but with practice, it all come together with time.

The Creative being.

The purpose of a form is to give the practitioner the ability to observe the vibration of the divine ultimate within.

After a long time of working within this psychological, emotional, physical body, the time will come when the journey begins to express the feeling of no form. The reward of experiencing the sense of no form, require diligent and discipline.  


Freeing self from limitation.

The Dance of Freewill.

The beauty of Oneness experiencing its creation in the realm of a third-dimensional duality is the dance of creative energy.

As a creative expression of source energy, we have the power and free well to rewrite our stories based on our perceptions. By exercising our birthright, we consciously regain ownership of our creative energy.