Coaching Your Life

You are closer than near and, forever seeking new horizons.

What is the job of a coach?

A coach job is to help and assist  you in over coming those stories of doubts, control and gut pain. 

To help you to see and realize your burning desires to go for that quantum leap of freedom are at your command.

Why did I become a life coach?

The term life coach was not apart of my vocabulary. Early in life, family, and friends would confide in me, sharing their deep secrets. I guess it is because I naturally make them feel comfortable. Knowing that they will not be judged or expose, they feel free to let go. A friend, joking called me the librarian. You can understand the joke. A librarian job is to assist people in need of information; therefore, Judgment is not part of the deal. Whatever assistance you receive, stay with you only. It is an honor to honor a person who opens his or her heart to me.
My idea of a life coach is representing the star in a person. My job is to listen and honor their purpose and reason for seeking assistance.