Didgeridoo Sound Shower Meditation

Have you ever feel frustrated after trying to meditate for a few minutes, and thinking that everybody else’s can do it but you?
Evan Worldwind takes a different approach in that you become apart of a family dreaming together.

Experience been in an atmosphere of live Music Shower from the ancestral (Yadaki) Didgeridoo instruments, and empowering words as a guide to your meditation experience.
Dive into an unforgettable Musical journey with the mystical drone of the Didgeridoo.

What is Didgeridoo?

Yadaki is the original name of the Didgeridoo. The Aboriginal People, particularly in the northern part of Australia, are the gatekeeper of this instrument. This instrument play a significant part in their ceremonies, and timeline stories transmission. It is one of the oldest wind/percussion instrument known.
It is an Earth rooted base instrument, make from the trunk of a tree. An ancestral healing device from nature itself, the process by which Termites bore a hole through the center core of the tree.
The naturally natured made Didgeridoo allows you to experience some dynamic frequencies that you would never get from a human-made synthetic Didgeridoo, which makes it even more special and unique.

Personal Experience:


My own experiences with the Didgeridoo started 17 years ago. It led me to let go of the concrete, the control, the hardening of perception, and to claim my voice, my sound.  

It forced me to pay attention to my thoughts and how they influence and strengthen my world on a physically and mentally level.

It is part of my daily meditation is many ways. For example, how to let go during my daily Tai Chi practice that emphasizes relaxation and non-self judgments at the core.  

The vibration of the Didgeridoo walks with me. 

It helps me to be a channel, in accompany people through their healing journey.

There are different musical notes of Didgeridoo. I like to work with the D note because I find it has the power of touching the root chakra and be more effective in the journey of healing. 


What’s Happening?


I have had the honor of facilitating healing on a mental and physical level for people of all ages.

Even for those people who were reluctant at first, later are surprise by how good they feel.

My audience intuitively received what they need in the moment of listening and feeling the vibration of the Didgeridoo.

The strange sound of the Didgeridoo leaves them feeling either joyful, peaceful, or with tears not knowing what is happening to them.

It disturbs the internal river. For some people, this disturbance feel uncomfortable.

The music waves, encourage the internal process of wondering what is happen them until they finally can relax and settle in. 

We all have different musical notes, the keyboard of life, only the healer within knows how to tune.

The Didgeridoo connects you to the internal sound of your vibrational Universe. You are feeling it as well as hearing it. 

It takes you to dimensions (without the need of any chemical), showing you other realities that you can tap into later on, on your journey.

The Benefit the Didgeridoo brings:

The sound delivered what the listener needs to hear or feel at that moment.

It transmits a silence on a cellular level, waking the memories of energetic vibration.

After experiencing a life sound meditation with the Didgeridoo, there is a cleansing effects occur. Some people may experience a sense of Empty mind. They have nothing to share but feel a sense of satisfaction where no words are necessary.


 Additional benefits:


If you play the Didgeridoo, your meridians (internal electrical network systems) are receiving a message.

Our lips have all the meridians points.

The vibration of the lips while playing, spiral throughout your body Temple. Over time you will feel the effect of a strengthening feeling in your core. The sense of easy breathing is also recognizable.

When you consciously examine your world, the Earth supports you. The Didgeridoo reminds you to get curious about your world. 

It does this in a way that leaves you feeling overwhelmed with emotions.

If you observed these emotions without judgment, your world would expand with new insight into the messages they bring.



Feeling that the entire space is engulfing with this exceptional sound. Every breath takes you closer to yourself.

The place where there is no worries, just your original self. You are in creation, creating from within. With this natural resident, you return to self-feeling humble and whole; inspired to give birth to your dreams.

Wellness is self-created. The vibrational tone of the didgeridoo can assist you in restoring balance in right-mindedness.

Here is an opportunity to be momentarily free from conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress, giving yourself time to reflect on your dreams.Your Dream, Your Design, Your Life.



Private Sound Shower Meditation:


Here is an opportunity to experience a private and intimate Sound Shower Meditation that will primitively blow your mind.

A private meditation as oppose to group meditation, allow me to focus on your needs entirely.

Your journey begins with some simple breathing exercise to warm your body up, and a heart to heart conversation together about your needs and aspiration.

Our conversation will involve an internal communication with your creative superconscious mind where all ideas of living an ultimate life are generated from. This is an art form that is known as (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) NLP.

It is a fancy term of saying that we are communicating of a soul level, your true being of existence where no fear, doubts, and worry can enter.

This is how we bypass any hardwire conditions and stories that does not serve your purpose and well being.



These first two areas of preparation are important when I work with someone on a one on one level, that is, to create a safe and enjoyable environment inside out.

I find that some people initial experience with the sound of the didgeridoo can be a little unnerving at first, until they feel settled in.

Afterward, the vibration of this amazing instrument will help them to hold their attention to what they truly desire to focus  as we journey together inside.


If you are experiencing this unique instrument for the first time, you are in for a treat. Its unusual sound will move through you like no other live instrument. This kind of sound shower is perform with care and attention to make your experience unique.

Prepared to spend at least 2 hours for your sound journey, and time to relaxed and reflect.


For more details about this kind of transformative meditation, contact me at: