Crossing The Atlantic

“What is it not”

Crossing the Atlantic with whales





Crossing The Atlantic is not the kind of music to train you how to meditate, or to help you to sleep. It’s a music story message design to fire up your imagination.

Power up your senses

It is delivered in a martial and meaningful way to power your senses, as a remember that you are an incredibly beautiful being existing in your reality.
Are is the message! No one can validate your power, because no one will ever know you better than you. Hold that in your heart.



Crossing The Atlantic with Whales




Crossing The Atlantic is a short, sweet and exciting music message.
Click for your copy, turn it up, and take a listen. Find 30 minutes in your day and feel your power in your eyes, in your body. Swim like a master trap in a disastrous storm, knowing that he or she already swam the Atlantic.




Leap! Become fully connected to your heart and open up, as this music chant you into transformation. Crossing The Atlantic is a visionary conversation of the first person. I Am.