Anchoring Meditation, Take A Chance.

I Am Grateful for those Compliments.

People often compliment me on how calm I am. I am grateful for those compliments and embraced them as encouragements to continue practicing meditation. It is not always easy for me to stay focus. In the Video, “Tips to Stay Focus on Your Mission” I talk about some simple and easy rituals that I use to help me stay anchored to my mission and vision.
Sometimes I feel like two being within fighting for power. There is an internal battle active inside of me, pushing me to face my reality whether or not I am ready mentally. This psychological minefield inside does not yield to my wishes. Only a daily mental and physical activities understand the language of this psychic roller coaster ride.

What I Do to Take Command of My Day.

Here is how I prepare my mind in the morning to start my day. First in order, before I rise out of bed, I lay on my back, relaxing my entire body, allowing my breathing to do its thing without control, and feeling whatever I am feeling. Then, I head straight to my morning cold shower baptism.
When I first started the cold water shower, it was torture. My mind would go into a fricking rage, full of stories why I shouldn’t do what I am about to do. This sabotager would attack me from all angles until the cold shower takes hold of my senses. A hoo! sense of relief and I am free to begin the next phase of meditation, with Chi Kung / Tai Chi spinning.

Anchoring Meditation, Take a chance

How I Use My Morning Rituals as Anchors.

I use my morning rituals as anchors to motivate me to take care of my business, that is, to first give gratitude for life and then honor the beautiful gift I have received at born, which is my body temple. I wasn’t always successful staying on the course until I shift my perception from doing to experiencing meditation. If you view life as meditation, you will discover many jewels laying dormant in your being.
There is a phenomenal world inside, full of unnumbered resources in every one of us. All we have to do is be still for a moment and acknowledge self. It is as simple as observing your breath. Simply feel the subtle air passing through your nostrils without tensing your forehead, your neck or your stomach. Consciously be in the moment and allow the process of creation to continue by doing nothing. Do nothing!

The kind of story I enjoy hearing in my head sound like this, “If you want to put your dream to reality, you are going to have to take a chance.” Earl Nightingale. There is no playing it safe taking command of your mind. Laugh at yourself as I often do, and fracking fire up your mediation for the sake of staying focus on your mission. You are here on this planet for a purpose. Remember!
How is your meditation going so far?

Evan Worldwind: