13th of July, 3pm to 5pm

Dream Sound Shower Meditation @ Shanti Vida.

Carrer Dels Códols #20 Barcelona, Spain 08002.

July 13, 3:00 P.M. 5:00 P.M. Price: € 10 per Person.

Join us for a magical afternoon of insightful meditation, grounded in Life Sound (Aboriginal) Power of the Didgeridoo, and Body Temple Alignment.

We will focus on letting go of unlimited ideas, Ways on how to relieve our mind from stress, with Interal Breathing and Body Mind movements. Insight on how we can invest in Cultivating your Power.

We will break through any unlimited believes, and acknowledge more creative and inspiring ideas of Self. Opening Presentation: About the Inner Beauty and Strength.

Opening Presentation: About the Inner Beauty and Strength.

Introduction to a Dynamic Breathing exercise with Internal Moving Meditation.

Clearing the limited thoughts for transformation with sound vibrational music.

Make a difference in your life with the support of each other. Minds of Beauty.

Mystic Dawn with Didgeridoo

 (Friday) July, 19th  5:15 am – 7:45 am.

How do you start your Day?

Are you taking time for Yourself?

Join Us and Open Yourself to the Light that Keeps on Giving.

How you start your Day, 

makes a difference in how well your Design the rest of it. 

Make your Mind A beautiful Place.


You will walk through nature in silence to a magical place where you will enjoy a beautiful sunrise accompanied by live music with instruments that will raise your vibration.

How you Start your Day makes a difference in how Well you Design the rest of it.

Click the photo for a brief history of Montjuic

Sun Rise over Montjuic Mt

This experience is a Sun Rise Observation and Life (Didgeridoo Meditation) Music in the beautiful Montjuic Mountain in Barcelona, Spain. Our journey begins at central part of Barcelona. An easy part of the city to reach by public transportation. An easy walk to the foot of the hill. 1. From there, we walk in silents climbing up several stairs leading to the top, the point of observation.

YES! The Key to living is having Many Experiences

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