Fearless Imagination: A Ghost (Dubbie) Catcher Story.

Humanity is not a Virus. Ghost (Dubbie) Catcher is about the Fearless and loving Imagination within you. 

A System of Dreaming that Supports the discovery for Self. Loved Ones, Friends and the Global Family. 

The aim is to shift humanity from self-doubts, fear, and other limited ideas in such a way,  to make room for the original dreamer to emer

Nighttime in Jamaica country towns is duppy time. The Caribbean farming communities gave birth to duppies. These are stories about ghosts, the good and bad duppies.
The good duppies are usually family members who passed on. They revealed themselves to you in dreams, sometimes guiding and helping you in their own ways.

The bad duppies are called Rolling Calves. These kinds are not afraid of you.
They roam in the pitch dark of night looking for you.
You don’t want to be walking alone at night on the Jamaica country road because you will call attention to a rolling calf.
A cow-like creature that rolls along the side of the road with a long chain attached to an iron ball.

When it rains just before nightfall, you can sense when a rolling calf is nearby you.
Your head swells up like a big balloon, eyes popping wide open in the thick of night with sweat falling off your face.
You could taste your fear as the unnerving echoing noise under your foot makes your entire body tremble.
The only way you can outrun a rolling calf is to pick your feet up into your hands and sprint for your life. You feel like the two of you in one, fighting to stay alive.
If you think I am making this up, take a trip to Jamaica pitch dark country road and prove me wrong if you dare.

The truth is, you don’t have to go anywhere to find out. The rolling calf is everywhere and present. This creature is the story of the natural man.
The conditioned mind, rigged with demoralising stories of fear and superstitions that keep people and communities in their place. 
You dare not walk this road alone. Your five senses walk with you and reinforce your believed stories, creating your reality by default.
You imagine seeing something because you think you hear that thing that makes you tremble.
You could even taste the smell of it when your imagination brings it close to you

These kinds of images fashion in such a way that domesticate societies. 

They are reproduced in mind, like a compact digital recorder acting as law in our lives.

Societies are believed in thinking that the only way to change a situation is with force, mainly through mental and physical encounters.

The media then reinforced these conditions with rolling calf news about the war on drugs, war on poverty, war on disease, and the threat of physical and emotional attack keep us in a constant fearful state of existence. This rip in our universe, projected at a high cost in our societies.

Pharmaceutical and narcotic drugs seem to be the answer, but only provide a temporary, hypnosis escape for a reactionary generation.

The degree of influence is related to the level of your belief. Believe something long enough, and it becomes a habit. Habits are hard-wired into our consciousness and behave as law in our cultures.

It is the time to start creating your own stories that support your vision. We can begin by viewing the stories in your culture from another direction and transmute them within your physic.

A new dawn reflecting your desire to before the sunrise.

Evan Worldwind:  www.artistdreamfamily.com

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