What is This Storm Hovering in 2020?

What is happening in 2020 is a polarity, a storm within, I dare to say.

Storm of the Double-Minded

It is fear, control, the double-minded game, are the driving force that rip our universe on all levels, high and low.

To know what is real, you have to do your own soul searching.

Here are my thoughts as things revealed to me in my conscious awareness at this time.

Identification images keep us in a reactionary mood. Look at the storm passing through, mercilessly across the land. 

This kind of hurricane will rip us all to pieces unless we are willing to step into the I of it, and feel for ourselves.  I know, it takes courage to think for ourselves.

Souls come and leave this University of Emotion in several ways that are beyond our comprehension. 

To understand what really happening, we need to look from behind our eyes and observe the play from several vantage points. 

Be Still for A Moment.

Listen to the buzzing noise everywhere. What a rude awakening when we realize, that these irreparable chaos are vibrating from our own keyboard within. 

There is only one of us having unnumbered experiences,  and creating many possibilities, some of which we are not able to see in our present realities as yet.

Feel the Stillness in Motion Within

The Keyboard of life

We are the players in this keyboard of life. There is no escaping our purpose in the here and now. 

We can continue to be pawns in this chess game of total destruction or decide to be proactive. 

Now! Here we are on stage, the Audiences high and low are on tiptoes looking at us, and wondering what are we going to do? 

Listen to the distortion. Are we willing to stop, re-tune our instruments to higher Frequency? Or continue to be frightened to die for life? 

We cannot hide behind ignorance and pretend that we not apart of this play. 

Go inside into the I of the storm. Feel your power, tune-up, then manifest your greatness into your reality. We are warriors, not wounded animals, foolhardily seduce by deception. 


Get up from where ever you are. 

Now! Stop the noise. Take your position of oneness to heart and remember who you are. 

Step inside of yourself without apology.  As Bob Marley says, “If it is an egg, natty will be in the red.”

 Go inside and look within your altar. All questions have answers within the emotion asked. Seek and you shall find because the source is within you.

Our Ancestors, the Now and Next-Generation, are looking from behind our eyes. They are looking to see what we are about to do. 

Feel the vibration of (feeling exciting and ready) FEAR; we unconsciously or consciously generated that blanket this planet. We can transmute it by poring through it, but only from within. 

Stand up and take courage warriors. Our mother”s needs us to observe the double-minded game for what it is, redirect this low vibration, and come home.

Evan Worldwind

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