What is Didgeridoo?

Aboriginal Didgeridoo

The Aboriginal DIDGERIDOO is a mystical sound healing instrument that genuinely expresses the artist related to the breath. It’s really about nurturing yourself first, then share its benefits.

This instrument is a long, wooden wind instrument used traditionally by the Aboriginal people of Australia. 

 The original Didgeridoo is usually a eucalyptus tree trunk hollowed out by termites. The various cut lengths produce instruments with different pitches. The sound of the Didgeridoo can be compelling. 

It transmits a frequency on a cellular level, that often induces a Trance State in a player as well as the listener. There are several stories written about Didgeridoo. The Didgeridoo creates a unique and unforgettable sound, unlike any other music sound. It is also the most natural earth grounded instrument known. 

The sound of the Didgeridoo resonates from the inside out. Such resonance came from a place of knowing where life generates our greatest gift, the gift of free will.  Its pure energy being birth from within our body temple. Therefore, we show our gratitude to the microscopic world of an inner smile. We remember that life is a creation, a continuous and never-ending sound of the microcosmic orbit.  Give thanks to the Aboriginal people of Australia, the gatekeeper of this incredible gift. 

Whether you are drawn naturally to play the Didgeridoo, experiencing how to express your energy through this instrument will give you a great feeling of satisfaction, strengthen your physical and mental body.  Experience has shown me that the practices make a difference in the way the players approach the Didgeridoo.

Photo by Irene Belmonte Bofill at Wim Hop Event in Barcelona

Whether or not you are planning to perform, these exercises are incredibly beneficial for your own body and mind. Playing the Didgeridoo is from the inside out.

Find relaxation through playing the Didgeridoo.

  • Integrate a wide variety of didgeridoo techniques into a unified sound
  • Play the Didgeridoo for extended periods
  • Develop all aspects of your musicianship: time, rhythm, intonation, dynamics, melody, and harmony
  • Expand your lung capacity
  • Develop tools for dealing with stress
  • Explore more in-depth levels of sound meditation
  • Increase confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, and greater joy.

Along with learning the basic drone, the sounds of the vowels, and the circular breathing technic, you will be introduced to a series of unique Chi Kung exercises. 

Meditation Experience

After a Didgeridoo meditation, some people experience cleansing effects, and have other experiences such an emptiness of the mind, joyfulness, or overwhelmed with emotions. If you observe these emotions without judgment, your world will expand with new insight into the messages they bring you.

Come and join us to dream together, in an atmosphere of a live Music Shower from the Didgeridoo (Yidaki), guided by empowering words that take you into a deep and transformative meditation.


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  1. Yea Brother Worldwind, I’ave picked up my one inch piece of PVC pipe again for the reasons the I have mention in your presentation. I’ave now come to the info that the abdominal and the cheek is the mix in the circular breathing. So applying Tai Chi to this process. Still INI use to jog with the didge at V C PARK😀 keep up sending it out there Brother Worldwind the minds of the truth are waiting on it. I will see the I 2/7/2020. I’m really increasing my insurance by walking and blowing the Didge as I pictured the first man must of done when he first picked it up. LONG LIFE Brother Worldwind!😀

    1. Yes, Brother Ogilvie, The Didgeridoo play with right-mindedness will expand the player reach from within. I would recommend playing the Didgeridoo made of wood or bamboo. I am concern about the chemical components use to craft PVC PIPES. Just a suggestion. Van Cortlandt, the training grid is ever-present, as the first man is. Jah Guide.

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