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The most challenging and rewarding job is taking command of our minds. Your energy follows the attention, so either you are cultivating your energy, or you are misusing it. You never lose it. Everybody is born with inner power. We have to refine it to feel it and experience it. The infinite greater you that you want to be.

It takes courage to do the work, and humbleness to ask for help and guidance. Personal development is part of a more excellent plan. It is your Life, ever-expanding. 

We are all our brothers and Sisters keepers, which is saying that we are one — the world you wish for begins with you. You are powerful. Why? Because you are Life itself experiencing itself.

I believe that if you want to assist people in seeking balance, you must first start the process within yourself.

It gave me great joy in sharing and encouragement to others in sharing their light.


Evan Worldwind: I am the founder of the Artist Dream Family. I am a certified Neurolinguistic Design Engineer, Life Changing Coach, Practitioner of the Classical Yang Style Family Tai Chi, A Musician,  Story Teller, and a guide of the Mystical Didjeridoo. 

My journey into the healing arts began with healing myself naturally after years of physical exercise injuries. 

The Devine nature of my healing came through from within and opened doors for me and gave me a voice on stage as a Musician and Story-Teller, guided by the Spirit of Body/Mind connection through the medium of Martial Art and the Literal.

Performed at several known festivals such as ‘Sirius’ (Brushwood), ‘The Woodstock Fruit Festival’ and collaborate with other musicians.

Artist Dream Family created its first Trance Journey Meditation Story CD “Crossing The Atlantic” and delivered an astonishing outdoor stage performance at the 2016 Woodstock Fruit Festival.


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Embracing the feeling of being present.

Embracing the feeling of being present