Learning is Remembering: Are Willing to Help Others Remember Who They Are?

Taking Action

When you take action to elevate yourself, you are positively influencing your reality and your relationships with others around you.

What you see, hear, smell, and feel is a reflection of your inner divine qualities, your true nature. 

A sure way to begin changing your perspective of yourself, is to practice accepting your emotions by observing your environment without judgment. 

Your environment is like a movie screen reflecting your reality. When you practice observing events and effects in your reality, without judgement (right or wrong), your senses will begin to act on your behalf, by supplying you with information on how to direct your mind.
Do not take your position in life lightly. When you are experiencing any undesirable conditions, you have been encouraged to see the lessons in them. That is you in action remembering who you are, and what is your purpose in life. 


What are your desires?

I am sure that most people spend some time in contemplation of not just what they desire of life, but also, who they are really.
Here is a simple poem that reminds me to take time to appreciate the mystery of life within.

Night Sky
I looked up into the night sky for no apparent reason,
And I saw unaccountable stars shining down on me.

With my head held high, 

I look up into this greatness and ask for clarity.
I wondered, how many of you are there? and who I Am?
And, I heard a sound, 

Like an explosion in my mind, saying;
There are many of us out here, 

On tip toes, beaming down on you.

They seems to be saying, what is my worth.



Defining Coaching;
Coaching is you, the star within who knows all, the source of all your worth, seeking the path of expression. 

This star does need to prescribe in any way to be express. This is you, the infinite child full with anticipation, traveling beyond any human definition of life.

The job of a physical coach;
A coach will help you to cut through confusions. A coach job is to reflect back to you your blindspots, as they are reveal by you, through active listening.
This person, acting on your behalf, is assisting you, the true coach within to bust  through the generational filters, the stories of doubts, control, and gut pain. To help you to see your next station by remembering that your obstacles are habits that can be changes. Obstacles you cannot see in the cloud of confusion.


What should you be thinking?
Your consciousness stands at the doorway between you and your phenomenal world. It is the closest thing to you. Closer than near and forever seeking a new horizon of expression. So, your world is a reflection of your consciousness — a mirror of your thinking, reflections of psychological dramas in your mental, and physical expressions.


Why seeking help now?
There were times, in not so distant past when women and men of extraordinary gifts and skills within the certain fields of expression, were put death for revealing their secret desires. Now, we are mentally afraid of exposure. Afraid of been ridicule or been  burned life by our own mind. 

It takes courage to confide in another, our hided desires. Trust is a great valuable commodity to have as a coach.

A speaker once said, if you like something, studying it well, so you can share it from your heart to another. 

The truth is, we are each other keepers and a teachers in this game of remembering.
One of the greatest golfers, Tiger Woods, has a couch that represents him in his mastery. 

There is no question of his skill, but his couch can reveal to Tiger Woods his blind spots that he, the master may overlook.


Nature is Conscious of Being

What is your worth?
When you ask for support, you are requesting the stars within you to shine beyond all your limited ideas and feelings. 

I believe that there is a star actor in every being, who teaches us through each other. Begin this very moment to believe in your star, and claim Ownership of your Power.